Erik Dyce Future

Erik’s passions are varied, yet each is spun from the common thread of exciting adventures coupled with genuine social interactions. From his core in the music, live entertainment  and marina industries to sailing, flying, horsemanship and diving, you’ll see aspects in each of these with his future business endeavors.

Erik’s past experiences with live entertainment, venues and the varying artists who have performed at them bring a unique perspective and invaluable real-life experience. Pelican Bay at Cherry Creek State Park is just the start of  very exciting projects moving forward that will enhance the revenue for owners he is involved with.

More adventure-oriented projects including flying, diving and sailing continue to be on Erik’s radar. He will look for unique opportunities for people to experience our planet in ways not offered by traditional experiential travel. As our world changes, Erik recognizes current ecological issues and looks at how they may impact sensitive travel destinations. These travel adventures will not only make for good business models, but also will be responsibly sensitive to the overall global footprint.

“We need to deeply transform our resource-dependent routines to self-reliant, more fulfilling lives that are easier on our planet.” David Wann, author of The New Normal.

To inquire about retaining Erik to be the captain of your next adventure, send a note to