“Mr. Red Rocks”

Erik was Chief Marketing Officer for the City & County of Denver’s Arts & Venues Division for 23 years. During his tenure he oversaw the marketing for the City’s top venues including: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver Coliseum, Denver Performing Arts Complex, Crossroads Theater and the Colorado Convention Center. During this time Erik worked with agents, managers, promoters and artists as well as the corporate sponsors. His vision is behind the sponsorship program that has returned millions of dollars to the City of Denver each year. Dyce will continue to support key projects for the City & County as a retained advisor.

Erik began working for the City & County of Denver as the facilities manager of Red Rocks and McNichols Sports Arena in 1988. Over the years, his job has grown to encompass all of the city-owned cultural facilities. His passion and dedication to Red Rocks Amphitheatre are legendary and have earned him the title, “Mr. Red Rocks,” which will surely endure as he expands his presence in the music industry.

The venues Erik promoted host more than 1,300 events and three million attendees annually. Over the years, he has played a large role in building those impressive numbers and in creating a marketing program that promotes the venues as tourist destinations. Dyce envisioned, and along with community giants developed the Denver Theatre District as a tourist destination. Erik’s vision also led to the nationally distributed “Carved In Stone” CD series; the DVD “Live & On The Rocks;” two television shows; and two souvenir books on Red Rocks. Additionally, a souvenir-book called SHOWTIME was published on the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Lastly, his proudest professional accomplishment was the creation of the wildly popular summer film series, “Film On The Rocks.”

The decision to leave his position with the City & County of Denver was a difficult one for Erik. “For the past 23 years, I’ve had the best job in the world,” he explains. “I get to promote what I love; work in a creative environment and meet the coolest people on the planet.”